Search Engine Rank Reports

We provide our customers with a regular search engine rank report. This shows the results of our Charlotte SEO work. When you hire us we will track your progress. We show you where your website ranks currently and compare that with your previous report.

Our SEO Experience Benefits You

We keep a detailed log of the actions that we have taken and compare them to the results those actions generated. Search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis. Changes that get results one month will not succeed every month. Our staff knows how to monitor search engine rank results. They also know when to change strategies.

We do this for many businesses in the Charlotte area. The expertise we gain from our work will benefit you.

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Our reports show you where your rank is for the current month and compares it with it's position in the previous month.

Report on Actions

We provide you with a report on actions that we have taking to improve your search engine ranking.


During the month we will make modifications to your website that are designed to improve it's ranking in the search engines.

SEO Customized For Your Website

We design an SEO program customized for your business. We will work with you to target phrases that will bring desired visitors to your website. Then we will work to get your website ranked for those phrases.


We have provides SEO services to North Carolina businesses since 2001.

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